Muntstraat – a short story from Belgium.


In the autumn of 2004 I found myself suddenly relocating to Belgium, at the expense of an attractive job offer in Italy. It was one of those major forks in the road, the kind of big decision that could transform a life. Which, for better or for worse, is exactly what it did.  


12 School Lane, 1989.

I’ve had loads of homes in my life. So many that I couldn’t name them all if I tried. From this multitude of mostly temporary habitats, two stand out head and shoulders above the rest. As a kid growing up in England, there was the magical 12 School Lane, Old Amersham; a cosy little three bedroom council house next door to St. Mary’s, the primary school I attended. Located opposite a large park, with playground, lawn tennis courts and the local youth club, that modest little council house served as HQ for what was a virtually idyllic childhood.

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