My 5: Banavie, Scotland.

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1. Fort William from Banavie, July 2015. The year I spent living in Fort William definitely won’t go down as a golden one. It was 2003 and I was flitting between a couple of dead end jobs. Low on cash and with no close friends to speak of, I struggled with the dismal weather, a seemingly infinite onslaught of pissing rain, grey skies and aggravating winds. Unsurprisingly, I drew up my plans and got the hell out of Dodge. It was a different story for my sister though, who stayed on, fell in love and eventually laid down roots in the nearby settlement of Banavie. This photo was taken one evening during a summer visit; an actual summer that was so glorious it felt like looking at the place through a new pair of eyes! Walking down to the beachside, Fort William glimmered seductively in the distance whispering a glut of false promises!

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