My 5: Budapest.

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1. Chain Bridge, December 2002. I’ll never forget the Christmas I spent in Budapest with my buddies Jon, Myles and Mat. The three of us were living in Bratislava, where we taught English at a language institute in the city centre. Most of our fellow teachers jetted home for the holidays, but with so may undiscovered places right on our doorstep, the three of us decided to club together and head off to Hungary’s capital for an alternative Yuletide experience. We rented a crummy but cosy little apartment from a guy recommended to us by one of Jon’s students. This picture, taken during a later afternoon stroll across Chain Bridge, is among my most treasured shots. It reminds me of a gloriously uncomplicated time of my life and that brilliant, rare camaraderie the three of us had. They were walking ahead of me and I just said, “Hey guys, turn”. I hit the button almost immediately, there was barely time to think let alone pose. I’ve always thought it would make a great album cover. If only we’d had the songs.

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