My 5: Córdoba, Spain.

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1. Kairouan, March 2017. I really have been spoilt here recently in the south of Spain. Camino Del Rey is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen; Ronda has that amazing gorge and Granada boasts The Alhambra. Although ever so slightly in the shadow of its neighbors, Córdoba’s main draw is The Mezquita, the world’s third largest mosque. Rather than suffer a tedious two hour forty-five minute bus journey, I opted for the pricier sixty-minute bullet train from Malaga. Having focused all my pre-trip research on The Mezquita, on arrival I was blown away with how gorgeous the city itself is! This charming street sums up the vibe nicely, a cobbled stretch that runs alongside the walls of the historical centre. Illuminated by the afternoon sun, you can also see The Puerta de Almodovar Gate, the entrance point to the old town.

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