My 5: Frigiliana, Spain.


1. Town Walk, October 2016. A visit to the south of Spain invariably conjures up daydreams of blue skies, golden sands, rolling waves and mouth-watering bowls of tapas; accompanied perhaps by a blood-red glass of Tinto (wine) or a cheeky caña (little beer). Equally, balmy images of pristine whitewashed villages also reign supreme. And while there’s plenty of these communities to choose from; you’d be hard pushed to find a place whiter, or indeed more washed than the gorgeous little village of Frigiliana. Located on the side of a mountain seven kilometers north of the town of Nerja, you can take the bus from the town centre. But if you happen to visit on a Sunday, as I did, you’ll need to stump up twelve Euros for a taxi. In any case it’s totally worth it, especially when you catch that first glimpse of the town through the trees.

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