My 5: Seoul.

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1. Cheonggyecheon, February 2015. I was approaching the end of my second stint in Beijing when another Chinese New Year vacation rolled around. Two glorious weeks off and I could go anywhere I wanted. I weighed up a trip to Japan, but the associated costs seemed exorbitant. Then my buddy Anthony pretty much insisted I went to Seoul, the beloved city he’d called home for six years. In fact, so enthusiastic was Anthony that he got in touch with a bunch of his old pals to make sure I got the most out of my experience. Their hospitality was astounding. I stayed with Irish Andy, who put me up in the spare room of his apartment. Then there was Jacob, Brandon and Connect, who spent a full day showing me around. This shot was taken at Cheonggyecheon, an eight and a half kilometre stream that runs through the heart of the city. A quirky, tranquil escape from the chaotic buzz of central Seoul, Cheonggyecheon opened in 2005 and cost a staggering 386 billion won ($281 million).

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