My 5: Sibu Island, Malaysia.

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1. Sibu Island, May 2015. Pilau Sibu is not an easy place to get to! I’d been travelling around Thailand for a few months, but needed to leave the country for the expiration of my first thirty-day visa. So I flew into Singapore. from Krabi, took in the sights for a few days and began the long journey out to Sibu. First came the bus to Johor Bahru, a humdrum Malaysian city connected to Singapore via a 1056-meter causeway. From there I caught another bus heading across eastern Malaysia. Jumping off at the tumbleweed outpost of Simpang Tenggaroh a couple of hours later (little more than a gas station with snoozing locals), I quickly employed the services of a taxi driver who took me out to Tanjung Leman jetty, the gateway to Sibu Island. From there the speedboat over to my resort was a brisk and exhilarating twenty minutes!

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