My 5: Woodbridge, England.


1. Woodbridge School, July 2003. I was traveling around Hungary in the summer of 2003 when my mate Ben unexpectedly asked me if I’d be interested in working at an English language camp back in the UK. We were sitting in an Internet café somewhere in the city of Sopron and he’d just received word that a teacher had pulled out at the eleventh hour. “Are you up for it?” A few weeks later I found myself rocking up in Woodbridge, a quaint English market town in East Anglia. The camp was based in the extensive grounds of Woodbridge School, with all the facilities you could hope for, including tennis courts, a football field, a domed sports hall, a lecture theatre, modern classrooms and two halls of residence housed in a pair of striking Victorian buildings. As one of the camp’s four English teachers, I found myself with two classes of Belgian teenagers, who for the most part were a dream to work with. This shot was taken in the school quadrant and features all students, teachers, sports/activity assistants and camp headmaster. Where’s Leighton?

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