My Top 20 Albums – ‘Parklife’ by Blur.


I was wandering around Our Price Records one day in the mid 90s when suddenly a song struck me like a well-fired arrow. With its new wave beats, thorny guitars and dry cynical vocals, I initially thought it might be The Cure. But the longer the track went on, the more I realized I had no idea who it was. Avoiding all work, ‘cos there’s none available’’. Propelling gender confusion with a critical eye over binge-drinking chav culture, I was instantly hooked and simply had to find out what and who I was listening to. ‘‘Blur… Girls and Boys’’ said the cashier in a bored voice, declining to even look up from the NME clutched in his fat hands. I picked up the single that day and having played it to death over the ensuing weeks, soon got round to checking out its parent album Parklife.

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