My Top 20 Albums – ‘The White Album’ by The Beatles.


What more is there to say about The Beatles? Pioneering, prolific, insanely talented and highly influential; they virtually wrote the book on popular music as we know it. I could have easily filled my Top 20 with three or four of their records. But having set myself strict guidelines (read more here), some tough decisions were in order and I had to settle on just one.

Would it be the arty progression of Rubber Soul? The revolutionary leap of Revolver? The meticulous orchestrations of Sgt. Pepper’s? Or perhaps even the medley-driven ebb and flow of Abbey Road? In truth it could have been any one of them. But for me it’s always been their eponymous release, better known as The White Album, that best sums up the fab four’s incomparable greatness.  

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