My Photographs: Top 5 The Empire State Building.

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The Empire State Building, May 2007. I felt like such a kid on my first trip to New York! Never before had one location boasted so much bucket-list stuff! I had over a dozen movie sites to check out, along with a pilgrimage to The Dakota Building to pay my respects to John Lennon, right on the spot he was so cruelly robbed of his life on December the 8th, 1980. Add to that the wonder of Central Park, the Bob Dylan inspired cafes and bars of Greenwich Village and a live gospel performance in a Harlem church. The Empire State Building meanwhile was so fantastic we scaled it twice, once for daytime views and then again in night mode. The journey up to the 86TH and 102nd floor decks begin in the lobby, a historic landmark in its own right after a staggering eighteen-month restoration project. Don’t miss the 24-karat gold aluminum wall-leaf and a striking depiction of the building itself behind the front desk, complete with beams of light radiating from the mast. Because they could.

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