Guangxi Autonomous Region

Green Lotus Peak Bilian Peak Li River Yangshuo Guangxi China
Views over the Li River from Green Lotus Peak – Yangshuo, Guangxi. May 2010.

If you’re coming to China and your priority is unspoiled, natural beauty, you could do a lot worse than build a schedule around Guangxi in the south of the country bordering Vietnam. This autonomous region is an outdoor lover’s paradise, packed as it is with some of China’s most beautiful mountains, rivers, forests, national parks, waterfalls and rice terraces. One could easily spend a month here hiking, swimming, cycling and bamboo rafting. And let’s not even get into the eating! 

Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces Guangxi China
Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces, Guangxi China. May 2010.

My own adventure came back in May 2009 at the tail end of a farewell, cross-country tour. Time was limited, so I had to make do with just under a week to take in a handful of Guangxi’s stunning highlights. For more details, why not work your way through My 5s on:

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