My Album Reviews

Music was my first love. Years before I got into movies and way before world travel was even a glint in my eye, life was mostly about losing myself in records, poring over lyrics and going to gigs. For more on my lifelong and often obsessive love of music, click here.

I was a teenager when I started scribbling down album reviews, firstly for my own entertainment, later on to share with family and friends. If someone had told me that one day I’d be writing music news, album reviews and interviewing singers and bands for a living I’d have probably suffered cardiac arrest. And yet it was my experience with music and film journalism that ultimately gave me the courage to start this travel blog, work as a freelancer and develop my plan to become location independent.

While Leighton Literature’s focus these days is squarely on My Short Stories from around the world and my travel reports, in the site’s early days I also posted a bunch of album reviews. Initially this was done under the banner of “My Top 20 Albums”, a bold statement that, three years later as I reformat the site, seems a little naive to say the least. It’s impossible to categorically state what my favorite twenty albums are, especially for a guy who had about 1200 records at the time he regretfully decided to sell everything off and become a digital nomad. 

Leighton Thomas album reviews
RIP: My music collection: 1995 – 2017.

So instead, I simply invite you to check out some of my album reviews. The twenty records listed below are very special to me for all kinds of reasons and always will be. Feel free to dip in and out and leave a comment if you feel so moved. If just one person comes here and discovers a new artist or album then it’ll all have been worth it! 

Leighton – July, 2018.

Attack of the Grey Lantern by Mansun.

Attack of the grey lantern Mansun album review

After the Gold Rush by Neil Young.

After The Gold Rush Neil Young album review

Bringing It all Back Home by Bob Dylan.

Bringing it all back home Bob Dylan album review

Bryter Later by Nick Drake.

ryter Layter Nick Drake album review

Definitely Maybe by Oasis.

Definitely Maybe Oasis album review

Dusty in Memphis by Dusty Springfield.

Dusty in Memphis Dusty Springfield album review

Figure 8 by Elliot Smith.

Elliott Smith Figure 8 album review front cover

Funeral by Arcade Fire.

Funeral Arcade Fire album review

Gold by Ryan Adams.

Gold Ryan Adams album review

Lost Souls by Doves.

Lost Souls Doves album review

Parklife by Blur.

Parklife Blur album review

MTV Unplugged in New York by Nirvana.

MTV Unplugged in New York Nirvana album review

Radiator by Super Furry Animals.

adiator Super Furry Animals album review

Sea Change by Beck.

Sea Change Beck album review

Surfer Rosa by Pixies.

Surfer Rosa Pixies album review

The Bends by Radiohead.

The Bends Radiohead album review

The Ideal Crash by dEUS.

The Ideal Crash Deus album review

The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths.

The Queen is Dead The Smiths album review

The White Album by The Beatles.

The White Album The Beatles album review

What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye.

What's Going On Marvin Gaye album review

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