Sunset Otres Beach 1 Sihanoukville Cambodia
Otres Beach 1, Sihanoukville. December, 2015.

Any cross-country itinerary of Cambodia will almost certainly see you dropping by the coastal city of Sihanoukville, if only as the gateway to Koh Rong, Cambodia’s most celebrated castaway style island. Few people bother with the city itself and with good reason, as it’s a largely ugly, uninspiring place with few sites and an ongoing construction projects that’s seen a huge Chinese influence involving power plants, oil companies and casino hotels. Nevertheless Sihanoukville does still have a decent beach scene, especially if you bypass the tacky Serendipity strip in favor of the much more charming Otres beaches. This is what I did back in December 2015 and I have great memories of my two nights there. To get the full lowdown, take a look at my articles on:

Otres Beach 1

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