I’ve seen a fair old bit of Spain over the years! In fact, it’s now my most travelled European country. And yet my first visit to the mainland came as recently as 2013 when a friend and I spent a long weekend in Madrid commiserating the end of my marriage. A few years later, in the summer of 2015, I got a summer job teaching English in Castro Urdiales, a pretty coastal town outside Bilbao. Taking full advantage of my location, I made sure to embark on a little tour of the north when I’d finished teaching. A year later I was back again, this time basing myself in the southern city of Malaga where I got a job working at a city language institute. Over the course of my twelve months in Southern Spain I managed to put a serious dent in the map, dedicating my weekends, holidays and just about any free pocket of time I had to checking out the villages, towns and cities of Andalusia. For more detail on my Spanish escapades, delve into my articles on:
Barcelona (coming soon)
Valencia (coming soon)
Zaragoza (coming soon)