End of series update, Based in Belgium.


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Sometimes things just don’t turn out as you’d planned. Err… scratch that, in my experience I’d have to say stuff often doesn’t pan out the way you thought it would. I spent a good three months or so putting together my Belgian short stories. When I was done, I had twelve chapters covering one of the most exciting periods of my life. Some of these tales were by far my most personal to date. As a result, I had to take more care than usual with the content and how they were written, while one or two people had to be consulted along the way to make sure I wasn’t burning any bridges! I thought I’d pulled it off, but then, at the last minute, I had to hit the eject button on half of the installments, leaving the series in a bit of a mess.

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The short stories published on this website are all based on real life experiences from a life spent living and working abroad. Click on the ‘travel’ link below for an overview of where the wind has taken me. It also serves as a sneak peek at the short stories to come!


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My Top 20 Albums – ‘The Ideal Crash’ by dEUS.

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As a committed record collector there are few greater feelings than discovering an amazing band the masses don’t know about. You can’t help but succumb to a sense of triumph. These guys are fantastic, and nine out of ten people have no idea!

Part of you wants it to stay that way. You certainly don’t dream about the great unwashed blaring them out of their mobile phones. Nor do you want to wake up one morning to find the lead singer in a Calvin Klein commercial. Should your heroes ever roll into town, you’ll also be counting your lucky stars that getting to see them won’t involve the word Ticketmaster.

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