My 5: Halong Bay Cruise, Vietnam.

Halong bay cruise Vietnam

1. Halong Bay Cruise, April 2018. After a few gloriously peaceful hours cruising around the beautiful Lan Ha Bay, Green Trail’s day-long boat tour chugged into the much better known Halong Bay. So what’s the difference? Basically nothing! The spectacular limestone peak scenery is the same; just expect more water traffic with an increased number of […]

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My 5: Lan Ha Bay Cruise, Vietnam.

Green Trail Travel cruise Lan Ha Bay

1. Lan Ha Bay Cruise, April 2018. As beautiful as Cat Ba Island is, for most visitors the main reason to come out here is for a boat cruise through the region’s spectacular Lan Ha & Halong bays. Choose your tour operator VERY CAREFULLY, as the scene is riddled with tricksters and scammers. Some have shoddy boats […]

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My 5: Cat Ba National Park – Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

At the entrance to Cat Ba National Park.

1. Cat Ba National Park, April 2018. Having walked the town harbour, hung out on pretty Cat Co Cove 3 Beach, taken in the awesome views from The Cannon Fort and explored the eerie corridors of The Hospital Cave, it was time for me to tackle Cat Ba Island’s island’s main draw, the gorgeous World Heritage-stamped […]

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My 5: The Hospital Cave – Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

Entrance Hospital Cave Cat Ba Island

1. The Hospital Cave, April 2018. Whether you’re staying on Cat Ba Island or just nipping in and out on a whistle stop boat tour, do try and make time for this curious Vietnam War site, set deep in the countryside about three kilometers from the entrance gates to Cat Ba National Park.

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My 5: Cat Co Cove 3 Beach – Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

Cat Co Cove 3 Beach Cat Ba Island

1. Cat Co Cove 3, April 2018. The trail to Cat Ba Town’s three beaches is just a ten-minute walk from the main drag. Interconnected via a gorgeous walking trail cut into the cliffs, I’d originally intended to visit all three, starting here at the modest sliver of beach known as Cat Co Cove 3. But on […]

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My 5: Cat Ba Cannon Fort – Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

Cat Ba Cannon Fort Cat Ba Island Vietnam

1. Cat Ba Cannon Fort, April 2018. Feeling a bit disillusioned with the grubby main drag of Cat Ba Town? Fear not, there are several spots of real beauty within walking distance. The pick of the bunch is the island’s historical cannon fort. Follow the signs from the town and work your way up a […]

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My 5: Cat Ba Town – Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

Cat Ba Town waterfront

1. Cat Ba Town, April 2018. At first glance, Cat Ba Island’s overdeveloped main drag is little more than an uninspiring stretch of toothy low-rises, beat-heavy bars, tout-inhabited tour offices and kebab carts. Easily the least impressive area of the island, I’m amazed that so many visitors choose to base themselves here. Having set myself up […]

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