Travel Report: The Happy Heart Cafe – Danang, Vietnam.

The Happy Heart Cafe Danang Vietnam

May 2018. It was high time for my annual injection of English Breakfast, a culinary delight unavailable to me in Ruian, China. Unless that is I perhaps cook it myself with substandard ingredients from the supermarket. So I just abstain, reminding myself that the next time I’m back on the road I’ll seek out just […]

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Travel Report: Danang Cathedral, Vietnam.

Danang Cathedral, Vietnam.

April 2018. With so much to see and do in Danang it’s easy to overlook some of its more understated spots. I’m always keen to rack up another cathedral for my world collection, so I made sure to hit this pretty pink edifice on my way to breakfast one morning. April 2018. Also known as […]

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Travel Report: The Danang Coastline, Vietnam.

Non Nuoc Beach Danang Coastline Vietnam,

Danang’s coastline is just gorgeous and I’ll never forget the peaceful afternoon I spent taking in its numerous beaches. My eight and a half kilometer walk started here outside The Vinh Pearl Resort on Non Nuoc Beach. It was a hot Wednesday afternoon and, besides these two guys, there was nobody around. April 2018. An […]

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Travel Report: The Vinh Pearl Resort – Danang, Vietnam.

The Vinh Pearl Resort Danang Vietnam.

April 2018. I was standing atop Thủy Sơn (Water Mountain) gazing out across Danang’s gorgeous coastline when I spotted the large, sprawling hotel complex hugging the golden sands of Non Nuoc Beach. Suddenly it struck me how great it would be to treat myself after three nights at the dirt-cheap (and it has to be said […]

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Travel Report: The Marble Mountains – Danang, Vietnam.

Marble Mountain Danang Vietnam

April 2018. I think I may be turning into a spoilt traveller. On the face of it The Marble Mountains are something I should have gotten excited about. After all they’re one of Danang’s top attractions, an area of considerable natural beauty that all the big travel sites salivate over. “Essential!” says Travelfish, “Spectacular!” gushes Lonely Planet. […]

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Travel Report: The Happy Yacht – Danang, Vietnam.

The Happy Yacht Danang Vietnam

May 2018. If your Danang wanderings take you anywhere near The Han River (and shame on you if they don’t), it’s virtually impossible to miss this immense, luxury, five floor super yacht parked on the river’s western banks, a short walk from the head end of Dragon Bridge.

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Travel Report: Dragon Bridge – Danang, Vietnam.

Dragon Bridge Danang Vietnam

April 2018. I’ve seen some amazing bridges during my years of world travel, but certainly nothing even in the same ballpark as Danang’s Dragon Bridge. Straddling the graceful waters of Han River in the shape of a formidable golden dragon, this is Vietnam’s longest bridge at 666 meters. The bridge connects the city’s eastern and […]

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