My 5: Tan Ky House – Hoi An, Vietnam.

Entrance Tan Ky House Hoi An Vietnam

1. May 2018. Located on 101 D Nguyen Thai Hoc, this two hundred year old town house is a popular stop on any self guided tour of Hoi An’s ancient quarter. Home to seven generations of the same merchant family, Tan Ky literally means “progress shop”, a reference to the desire for continued prosperity. It was […]

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My 5: Fujian Assembly Hall – Hoi An, Vietnam.

Fujian Assembly Hall Hoi An Vietnam

1. May 2018. This ancient Chinese assembly hall, dating back to 1690, is just one of Hoi An’s many protected, World Cultural Heritage sites located in the old town. It was originally created as a social centre for the region’s Chinese community originally from Fujian province. 2. May 2018. The complex also became an established […]

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My 5: The Happy Heart Cafe – Danang, Vietnam.

The Happy Heart Cafe Danang Vietnam

1. The Happy Heart Cafe, May 2018. It was high time for my annual injection of English Breakfast, a culinary delight unavailable to me in Ruian, China; unless I perhaps cook it myself with substandard ingredients from the supermarket. So I just abstain, reminding myself that the next time I’m back on the road I’ll […]

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My 5: Danang Cathedral, Vietnam.

Danang Cathedral, Vietnam.

1. Danang Cathedral, April 2018. With so much to see and do in Danang it’s easy to overlook some of its more understated spots. I’m always keen to rack up another cathedral for my world collection, so I made sure to hit this pretty pink edifice on my way to breakfast one morning. 2. Danang […]

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My 5: The Vinh Pearl Resort – Danang, Vietnam.

The Vinh Pearl Resort Danang Vietnam.

1. The Vinh Pearl Resort, April 2018. I was standing atop Thủy Sơn (Water Mountain) gazing out across Danang’s gorgeous coastline when I spotted the large, sprawling hotel complex hugging the golden sands of Non Nuoc Beach. Suddenly it struck me how great it would be to treat myself after three nights at the dirt-cheap (and […]

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My 5: Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc – Hue, Vietnam.

Ruins tomb of Emperor Tu Duc Hue Vietnam

1. Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc, April 2018. If Hue’s majestic Imperial City has whetted your appetite for more on Vietnam’s ancient history, look no further than the incredible series of mauseluems located south of the city centre. There are about a dozen in all, beginning from just two kilometers away and extending deep into […]

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My 5: Thuy Thanh Village, Vietnam.

Man with bike Thuy Thanh Village Hue Vietnam

1. Thuy Tanh Village, April 2018. Surrounded by paddy fields and set along a section of the sleepy Nhu Y River, this traditional Vietnamese village lies just nine kilometers from the centre of Hue city. As soon as I heard about its famous covered bridge (I’ve got something of a fetish), I knew I had […]

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