My 5: St. Lawrence’s Church, Macau.

St. Lawrence's Church Macau China

1. February 2018. I don’t think Wonderboy and I managed to see ALL the churches in Macau, but we must have gotten close. This one, towering above Rua de São Lourenço, is one of the peninsula’s oldest structures dating back to the mid sixteenth century.

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My 5: Guia Hill, Macau.

Guia Hill Macau

1. February 2018. While a visit to Monte Fort is a must for anyone touring Macau, you’ll almost certainly be more charmed by the comparatively peaceful experience of Guia Hill in the peninsula’s central east region. An undemanding, winding stone path takes you from street level up to the top in under fifteen minutes.

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My 5: Camoes Garden, Macau.

Old men Camoes Garden Macau

1. February 2018. Macau Peninsula’s oldest and largest park can be found in the Santo António neighborhood and is accessed via Luis de Camoes square. Before entering the park, grab a bench and observe the local seniors who come here to play chess, sleep, chat and engage in the time honored Chinese tradition of sittin’ […]

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My 5: Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park, China.

Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China

1. Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park, February 2018. The only reason to make the trek out to the isolated Chinese outpost of Chongwu is for this fascinating park, set between a section of the town’s ancient walls and a pretty strip of beach overlooking The Taiwan Strait. The section of wall that runs through the […]

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My 5: Chongwu Town, China.

Chongwu Town Quanzhou Fujian province China

1. Chongwu Town, February 2018. The ancient walled city of Chongwu is fascinatingly situated in southeastern China’s Fujian province, right on a peninsula jutting out into The Taiwan Strait. In reality though Chongwu isn’t a city, but a run-down fishing town with a tourist industry that revolves around the truly impressive Stone Arts Expo Park.

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My 5: Xunpu Oyster Village – Quanzhou, China.

Plant market Xunpu Oyster Village Quanzhou

1. Xunpu Oyster Village, February 2018. I find it reassuring that even after all these years Lonely Planet still comes up with some great recommendations. Their most recent one was to check out this tiny fishing village ten kilometers southeast of Quanzhou city centre. Having been dropped off in one of the most innocuous Chinese […]

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My 5: Taihe Mall – Quanzhou, China.

Taihe Mall Quanzhou Fujian province China

1. Taihe Mall, February 2018. They really know how to make a giant mall in China! Wonderboy and I were on our way back from Quanzhou’s Xunpu Oyster Village when we spotted a hulking collection of shiny towers at the side of the motorway. So we dipped in, treated ourselves to a Burger King and […]

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