Travel Report: The Water Cube (National Aquatics Center), Beijing.

The Water Cube National Aquatics Center Beijing China

September 2018. There’s some fantastic architecture scattered around Beijing’s Olympic Green and one of the most distinctive buildings is the blue, bubble-adorned National Aquatics Center, better known to visitors as The Water Cube. This was the venue for the swimming and diving events of the 2008 Olympics and today it’s well worth a wander inside […]

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Travel Report: The Bird’s Nest Air Corridor Top Wonder, Beijing.

The Bird's Nest Air Corridor Top Wonder Beijing

September 2018. I hadn’t been aware there was an Air Corridor at The Bird’s Nest. Or even a Top Wonder for that matter, as whoever came up with the idea seems to have had trouble settling on just one name for it. It was only at the ticket booth back down on the Olympic Green that I […]

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Travel Report: The Bird’s Nest (National Stadium), Beijing.

The Bird's Nest National Stadium Beijing

September 2018. My first visit to Beijing’s National Stadium came on a freezing cold morning back in January 2010. S and I had come to see The Olympic Green’s famous winter wonderland park, located in and around the stadium itself. The football pitch had been transformed into a giant snow and ice park that day, […]

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Travel Report: The Olympic Green, Beijing.

Beijing Tower The Olympic Green

September 2018. Strolling down Beijing’s expansive, largely deserted Olympic Green and it’s hard to imagine this was once the epicenter of the biggest sporting event in Chinese history. For it was right here, 11 years ago, that the 2008 Olympics burst to life with a dazzling opening ceremony that still stands as one of the […]

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Travel Report: 798 Art District, Beijing.

Entrance 798 Art District Beijing China

March 2010. Only in a city as wondrously contradictory and confusing as Beijing could a place like 798 Art District exist! Formerly a huge network of factories built by the East Germans in the 1950s, by the mid 90s the entire area had fallen into a state of abandoned disrepair. It was around this time […]

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Travel Report: The Forbidden City, Beijing.


April 2010. Home to a succession of Chinese emperors, Beijing’s incredible Forbidden City served as the very heart of China for over five hundred years and is said to be Planet Earth’s largest palace complex! And right enough you’d be hard pushed to doubt this claim as you walk under the imposing Gate of Heavenly […]

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