My 5: Cool Spots Around Phnom Penh City, Cambodia.

Phnom Penh skyline rooftop terrace Cambodia.

1. City Panoramic, December 2015. Arriving in the smoky buzz of Phnom Penh felt like the perfect Asian daydream. Winding our way towards Samnang Laor hotel in our tuk-tuk, there were flashes of fluorescent market stalls, locals munching on sizzling meat sticks and the spectral forms of wobbly high-rises reflected in the Mekong River. The […]

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My 5: The Battambang Bamboo Train, Cambodia.

The Battambang Bamboo train Cambodia

1. December 2015. During my wanderings around Cambodia I met plenty of fellow travellers who didn’t even bother stopping in Battambang! I can’t help but feel they really missed out, from the kooky city itself with its excellent café and restaurant scene to the amazing beauty and history of Phnom Sampeau and the immense fun […]

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