My Photographs: Top 5 Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca.

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Hassan Mosque, October 2008. “There’s nothing to see in Casablanca”, a misinformed Australian once told me. Ok… the city may not be packed with an abundance of sights, but this jaw-dropping mosque is pretty much reason alone to make the journey. As the largest mosque in Morocco (third largest in the world!), Hassan is an architectural delight stunningly perched on a promontory overlooking The Atlantic Ocean. It also boasts the world’s tallest minaret, at a neck-craning six hundred and eighty nine feet.

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My Photographs: Top 5 Casablanca.


City Panoramic, October 2008. My one and only trip to Morocco was a speedy affair, at least by my standards; with just over two weeks to take in a selective route that included Marrakech, The Atlas mountains and Essaouria. But our first port of call was the city of Casablanca and its breathtaking Hassan II Mosque. Leaving the main show for last, we found plenty of warmup acts to keep us entertained in the meanwhile. This city panoramic was taken on the viewing balcony of Casablanca Cathedral (Eglise Sacré-Cœur). Built in the 1930s, the building is a beguiling mix of European and Moroccan design, while gaining access to the private roof was as simple as tipping the guy at the door. 
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