My 5: Dongmen Market – Shenzhen, China.

Dongmen Market Shenzhen China

1. February 2018. Shenzhen’s Dongmen district is one of the oldest parts of the city, with a three hundred year trading history under its belt. If you’re in the mood for some shopping, or even just people watching, this is the place to come for the biggest variety of goods and price ranges to suit […]

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My 5: Huaqiangbei Electronics District – Shenzhen, China.

Huaqiangbei Electronics District Shenzhen China

1. February 2018. Wonderboy and I were pretty excited about seeing China’s Silicon Valley, a sprawling three kilometer district packed with electronic malls, stores and service centers. The largest of its kind in Asia, this is one of the busiest shopping areas in the country. Except that is, when you rock up during Chinese New […]

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My 5: Seac Pai Van Park, Macau.

Seac Pai Van Park Coloane Island Macau

1. February 2018. After five nights in the hustle and bustle of Macau Peninsula, I was definitely in need of a change of pace. Happily then, a day spent strolling around Coloane Island provides just that. Start your wanderings here at Macau’s largest natural green area, a beautiful, protected animal park converted from farmland.

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My 5: Macau Protestant Chapel & Cemetery.

Macau Protestant Chapel and Cemetery

1. February 2018. Macau Peninsula is blessed with an abundance of gorgeous old churches. This Anglican chapel, discreetly located at the side of Camoes Garden, is a hidden gem that could easily be missed by the uninformed wanderer. It was built in 1922 to serve the employees of the East India Company.

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My 5: Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park Beach, China.

Chongwu Beach Stone Arts Expo Park Quanzhou Fujian province

1. February 2018. I should start this article by saying that I’ve cheated a little bit here. Strictly speaking I should have covered Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park with just one My 5. But then I was so taken with the compound’s gorgeous little private beach that it felt wrong to cram in one or […]

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My 5: Ling Shang Restaurant Village – Yongjia County, China.

Ling Shang Restaurant Village Yongjia County China

1. November 2017. Having spent the afternoon hiking around the wonderful Yongjia Shu Yuan National Park, I had naturally built up quite an appetite. I could have just gone to a local hole-in-the-wall and filled up on cheerful cheapness. But then I’d have been missing out on this wondrous four hundred year old restaurant village, […]

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My 5: Shu Yuan National Park – Yongjia County, China.

Shu Yuan National Park Yongjia County China

1. November 2017. With winter finally starting to hit the southeast of China, I instinctively felt my annual hibernation period calling me after a busy few months of travel. Resolving to squeeze in one final trip before scuttling off to my man cave, I headed off to Yongjia County, a rural region in Zhejiang Province […]

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