Travel Report: The Shangri-La Hotel – Hangzhou, China.

The Shangri La Hotel Hangzhou China

October 2017. Captain Wonderboy and I had just finished tackling the unbridled chaos of West Lake’s Su Causeway and were in desperate need of a well-deserved time out. “Check out that fancy hotel!” I exclaimed. So we did, crossing the insanely busy road and walking up the driveway of the opulent Shangri-La Hotel. We’d been […]

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Travel Report: Hefang Market Street – Hangzhou, China.

Hefang Market Street Hangzhou China

October 2017. Wonderboy and I were making our way back down Wushan Hill after a peaceful morning exploring City of God Pavilion when we stumbled upon the chaos of Hangzhou’s most frenetic market street. It’s also the city’s most ancient trading street, with an eight hundred year history.  

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Travel Report: Wushan Hill – Hangzhou, China.

City God Pavilion Wushan Hill Hangzhou China

October 2017. Some people will tell you that there’s nothing to see in Hangzhou outside the main draw of West Lake. Those people are wrong! In fact, one of the many highlights of my trip was a visit to Wushan Hill and its striking City of God Pavilion. This shot of the hill was taken […]

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Travel Report: Su Causeway – Hangzhou, China.

Su Causeway West Lake Hangzhou China

October 2017. This 2.6 km walkway through West Lake was constructed in 1086 by the famous poet and Hangzhou governor Su Shi. It was a time of great poverty and drought, so Su ordered the dredging of the lake and used the resulting mud to build a new causeway. Later on six bridges were added […]

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Travel Report: Shuangto Bridge – Hangzhou, China.

Shuangtou Bridge West Lake Hangzhou China

October 2017. I must have covered every inch of West Lake’s gorgeous parkland during my five days in Hangzhou. This beautiful little bridge, located in Changqiao Park near Tangyun Art Gallery, is probably my favorite West Lake spot.  

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Travel Report: Leifeng Pagoda – Hangzhou, China.

Leifeng Pagoda Hangzhou China

October 2017. Wherever you happen to be on West Lake, you can’t miss the mystical form of Leifeng Pagoda jutting dramatically out of the greenery. Dating as far back as 975 AD, this is the oldest colorful bronze pagoda in China and attacks droves of visitors every day of the year.

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Travel Report: Orioles Singing in the Willows – Hangzhou, China.

Singing in the Willows Park Hangzhou China

October 2017. A trip to the Chinese city of Hangzhou is all about one thing: the shimmering, dreamy majesty of West Lake. Surrounded by misty green hills and lush parkland as far as the eye can see, this booming city of 8.7 million stands as one of China’s most adored holiday spots. No surprise then […]

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