My 5: Jile Temple (Monastery of Bliss) – Harbin, China.

Jile Temple Monastery of Bliss Harbin Heilongjiang province China

1. February 2010. Harbin’s beautiful Jile Temple, also known as the Monastery of Bliss, was constructed in 1924 by Master Tanxu, a famous disciple of the Tiantai Buddhist clan. Although firmly under the radar as a Harbin attraction, the temple stands as the biggest Buddhist building complex in Heilongjiang Province and draws a steady flow […]

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My 5: Siberian Tiger Park – Harbin, China.

Siberian Tiger Park Harbin Heilongjiang province China

1. February 2010. Visitors to the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin are attracted by the promise of stunning Russian architecture and the world’s most impressive Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival. Less trumpeted, but equally fascinating in its own way is this eerie Siberian Tiger Park Preserve situated 14 km outside the city centre.

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My 5: Harbin Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival, China.

Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival Heilongjiang province China

1. February 2010. My visit to Harbin’s incredible Ice Festival still stands as a major if not definitive highlight of all my travels around China. Anyone in the market for a trip during February’s Chinese New Year break would struggle to come up with a better plan than checking out this awe-inspiring winter wonderland.

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