My 5: Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc – Hue, Vietnam.

Ruins tomb of Emperor Tu Duc Hue Vietnam

1. Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc, April 2018. If Hue’s majestic Imperial City has whetted your appetite for more on Vietnam’s ancient history, look no further than the incredible series of mauseluems located south of the city centre. There are about a dozen in all, beginning from just two kilometers away and extending deep into […]

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My 5: Thuy Thanh Village, Vietnam.

Man with bike Thuy Thanh Village Hue Vietnam

1. Thuy Tanh Village, April 2018. Surrounded by paddy fields and set along a section of the sleepy Nhu Y River, this traditional Vietnamese village lies just nine kilometers from the centre of Hue city. As soon as I heard about its famous covered bridge (I’ve got something of a fetish), I knew I had […]

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The National School (Truong Quoc Hoc) – Hue, Vietnam.

National School Truong Quoc Hoc Hue Vietnam

1. The National School (Truong Quoc Hoc), April 2018. If you’re in Hue and open to checking out something a bit different from the typical tourist trail, why not take a walk down to this handsome French era secondary school, one of the most esteemed educational establishments in Vietnam.

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My 5: The Perfume River – Hue, Vietnam.

Boat crossing The Perfume River Hue Vietnam

1. The Perfume River, 2018. Hue’s Perfume River is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde affair. In the day the waters are largely dead, far from pretty (a kind of soupy grey-brown) and not a trace of perfume wafting in the air. Apparently that can only be experienced in late autumn when the riverbank […]

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My 5: The Royal Gardens – The Imperial City – Hue, Vietnam.

Royal Gardens Imperial City Hue Vietnam

1. April 2018. Hue’s majestic Imperial City is a fascinating window into the rich history of Vietnam’s Nguyen Emperors. Even with only a fraction of its original glory intact, you’ll still be treated to sweeping courtyards, traditional temples, crumbling stone gates, painted halls and towering pagodas. And then you’ve got The Royal Gardens, a small […]

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My 5: The Imperial City – Hue, Vietnam.

Entrance Imperial City Hue Vietnam

1. The Imperial City, April 2018. I’m not much of a history buff; all those dates, names and battles tend to go in one ear and right out the other. I tend to avoid guided tours too, I just can’t seem to focus on what’s being said, invariably a flurry of facts and figures, most of […]

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