My 5: Yongmunsa Temple – Yangpyeong, Korea.

Yongmunsa Temple Yangpyeong South Korea

1. February 2015. “Hi I’m River, so nice to meet you!” he said, clamping a hand down on my shoulder. It was early morning in Seoul and I was incredibly hungover after a beer-fuelled night of noraebang (Korean Karaoke) had led to full-on alcohol carnage at Club FF. I was a virtual zombie in the […]

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My 5: Muse On LP Bar – Busan, Korea.

Muse On LP Vinyl Bar Busan Korea

1. February 2015. Busan’s vinyl-collecting muso community can be found at this trendy city centre bar in Haeundae district. I’d been randomly strolling the streets when I saw the sign outside a towering building on Banpo-dong. So I ducked in and made my way up the stairs to the 3rd floor. 2. February 2015. A […]

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My 5: Jagalchi Fish Market – Busan, Korea.

Jagalchi Fish Market Busan Korea

1. February 2015. While on the face of it Busan might seem like an unashamedly modern city, there are plenty of opportunities to tap into its traditional roots. One such experience is the weird and wonderful Jagalchi Fish Market in the commercial district of Nampo-dong. Fittingly located on the edge of Busan Harbour, this is […]

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My 5: UN Memorial Cemetery – Busan, Korea.

United Nations Memorial Cemetery Busan Korea

1. February 2015. This beautifully landscaped graveyard, located in Busan’s Nam district, is the world’s only United Nations cemetery. Constructed in tribute to UN command casualties in The Korean War, the fourteen-hectare complex opened in 1951. My self-guided tour started here at The Memorial Hall where a short film takes you through the cemetery’s history.

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My 5: Haeundae Beach – Busan, Korea.

Haeundae Beach Busan Korea

1. February 2015. Not only is Haeundae considered the prettiest of Busan’s two beaches, but do a bit of digging around online and you’ll find a bucket of platitudes along the lines of “The most gorgeous beach in South Korea”. My own Haeundae experience came on a grey, chilly February weekday morning. While it’s safe […]

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My 5: Busan, Korea.

Locals dancing Busan Train Station Korea

1. Busan Station, February 2015. The final stop of my two and a half week jaunt around Korea came in the southeastern coastal city of Busan. I arrived on the extraordinary bullet train, probably the smoothest, most comfortable long-distance train journey I’ve ever experienced. Happiest of all, as anyone who’s seen the zombie apocalypse movie […]

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My 5: Seoul Subway, Korea.

On the Subway Seoul Korea

1. February 2015. I’ve never really done a My 5 like this before. Maybe it’s because I normally associate subway journeys with claustrophobia, stress, inconvenience and smelly armpits. But in Seoul all my experiences were a total breeze, from the wide, spotless ultra-modern carriages to the pleasingly icy air con and abundance of available seats. […]

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