Travel Report: Anima Society For Protection of Animals, Macau.

Anima Society for the protection of animals Macau China

February 2018. Wonderboy and I were walking from Seac Pai Van Park to the main street of Coloane Village when we unexpectedly stumbled upon this Animal Protection Centre on Estrada do Altinho de Ka Ho. The iron gates at the main entrance were locked and after peeking through the bars I initially guessed it was […]

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Travel Report: Seac Pai Van Park, Macau.

Seac Pai Van Park Coloane Island Macau

February 2018. After five nights in the hustle and bustle of Macau Peninsula, I was definitely in need of a change of pace. Happily then, a day spent strolling around Coloane Island provides just that. Start your wanderings here at Macau’s largest natural green area, a beautiful, protected animal park converted from farmland.

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Travel Report: The Grand Lisboa, Macau.

The Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino from Guia Hill Macau

February 2018. If there’s a definitive symbol of Macau its’ got to be the ubiquitous form of The Grand Lisboa, the golden lotus-shaped tower sprouting dramatically from a fat geodesic dome. Wherever you go in Macau chances are this iconic building is just a glance away. This shot was taken from the winding garden paths […]

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Travel Report: The Parisian Macau.

The Parisian Hotel and Casino Macau

February 2018. Gone shopping in The Venetian? Hung out with Batman at Studio City? Then why not take the short walk over to The Parisian for more unnecessary lavishness. Don’t worry about not being able to find it, just look out for the 525-foot half scale replica of The Eiffel Tower outside the main lobby. […]

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Travel Report: Studio City Macau.

Studio City Hotel and Casino Macau

February 2018. In the unlikely event I go back to Macau and stay at one of the monster hotels, my hard-earned money would definitely go to Studio City. This is Macau’s cinema themed complex, a palatial 1,600-room structure with a figure of 8 Ferris wheel called The Golden Reel built into the façade.  

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Travel Report: The Venetian Macau.

The Venetian Hotel and Casino Macau

February 2018. If you’ve only got time to see two or three of Macau’s famous hotels, then you’ll almost certainly be saving a spot for The Venetian. Opened in the summer of 2007 as a sister venue to the world famous Las Vegas casino, it’s actually China’s version that now scoops bragging rights. After all, […]

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Travel Report: Street Steel Heavy Metal Bike Gallery, Macau.

Street Steel Heavy Metal Bike Gallery, Macau

February 2018. I’m not really into motorbikes. In fact… let me revise that… I couldn’t care less. But Wonderboy LOVES them, so I knew we’d be checking out this exhibition from the moment he saw the big billboard: “The only motorcycle exhibition in the world 24 hours open for free!”

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