My 5: Setti Fatma, Morocco.

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1. Approaching Setti Fatma, October 2008. The peaceful, picturesque little Moroccan village of Setti Fatma sits neatly nestled in a canyon beneath The High Atlas Mountains at the southern end of The Ourika Valley. Keen to do some foothill hiking, I arrived here on a day trip from Marrakech by minibus. The trip took just over an hour and a half and the scenery was fantastic as we closed in on the village.

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My 5: Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca.

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1. Hassan Mosque, October 2008. “There’s nothing to see in Casablanca”, a misinformed Australian once told me. Ok… the city may not be packed with an abundance of sights, but this jaw-dropping mosque is pretty much reason alone to make the journey. As the largest mosque in Morocco (third largest in the world!), Hassan is an architectural delight stunningly perched on a promontory overlooking The Atlantic Ocean. It also boasts the world’s tallest minaret, at a neck-craning six hundred and eighty nine feet.

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