My 5: Gulangyu Island, China.

Ferry to Gulangyu Island Xiamen Fujian province China

1. Gulangyu Island, August 2017. As amazing as the Chinese city of Xiamen undoubtedly is, the real inspiration for my trip to Fujian Province was the prospect of a visit to Gulangyu Island. Reached via a fifteen-minute ferry ride from Xiamen International Passenger Terminal, I was horribly unprepared for what an almighty battle it would […]

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My 5: Zhongshan Road – Xiamen, China.

Zhongshan Road Xiamen Fujian province China

1. Zhongshan Road, August 2017. Even if shopping isn’t your cup of tea, a trip to Zhongshan Road is an essential part of any Xiamen itinerary. Teeming with stores, restaurants and cafes, this strictly pedestrianised road offers up a pleasing fusion of European architecture, chattering locals and determined, bug-eyed sales clerks armed with microphones. My […]

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My 5: Bailuzhou Park – Xiamen, China.

Bailuzhou Park Xiamen Fujian province China

1. Bailuzhou Park, August 2017. A nomadic friend of mine once described China as a place with “lots of beautiful things to see, nothing to do”. On more than one level, I know exactly what he meant. When it comes to Chinese cities I know what I’m gonna get in a round about way – […]

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My 5: Xiamen University, China.

Xiamen University Fujian province China

1. Xiamen University, August 2017. I hadn’t even thought of visiting Xiamen University, not until a friend of mine suggested it. “It’s one of the most beautiful campuses in China!” she claimed, so off I went, full of anticipation. When I arrived at the entrance gates I was met by a long line of people […]

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My 5: Hulishan Fortress – Xiamen, China.

Hulishan Fortress Xiamen Fujian province China

1. Hulishan Fortress, August 2017. Hulishan Fortress is one of Xiamen’s most defining landmarks; a sprawling granite castle perched atop a rocky hill in the south of the island. Built in 1894 in the dying days of the Qing Dynasty, the fort was armed with some of the world’s most powerful cannons and went on […]

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My 5: Railroad Culture Park – Xiamen, China.

Railroad Culture Park Xiamen Fujian province China

1. Railroad Culture Park, August 2017. One of my favorite Xiamen experiences was this simple but ingenious nature trail in the southwest of the city. It stands as a towering testament to brilliant urban planning and creative reuse, with five kilometers of landscaped gardens set around a stretch of preserved rails. Popular with ramblers, dog […]

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My 5: Xiamen, China.

City centre Xiamen Fujian province China

1. Hexiang West Road, August 2017. My five-day trip to the island city of Xiamen very nearly didn’t happen. In the days preceding my visit, Typhoon Nesat swept through southern China, causing considerable mayhem to Taiwan and mainland Fujian Province. In fact, just the day before my journey all trains to Xiamen had been cancelled! […]

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