My 5: Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park Beach, China.

Chongwu Beach Stone Arts Expo Park Quanzhou Fujian province

1. February 2018. I should start this article by saying that I’ve cheated a little bit here. Strictly speaking I should have covered Chongwu Stone Arts Expo Park with just one My 5. But then I was so taken with the compound’s gorgeous little private beach that it felt wrong to cram in one or […]

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My 5: Qingjing Mosque – Quanzhou, China.

Entrance Qingjing Mosque Quanzhou Fujian province

1. February 2018. The arresting ruins of this city centre mosque can be found on Tumen Street, just a five-minute walk down from Guandi Temple. Built in 1009, Qingjing is China’s second oldest mosque and a major pilgrimage point for the country’s Muslim community.

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My 5: Guandi Temple – Quanzhou, China.

Guandi Temple Quanzhou Fujian province China

1. February 2018. As with most Chinese cities there are plenty of temples scattered around Quanzhou. I consider myself something of a temple veteran, so decided to limit myself to this magnificently carved city centre structure on Tumen Street.

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