My 5: Songkran, Bangkok.

Songkran Bangkok Thailand

1. April 2015. Mid April is an excellent time to visit Bangkok, with the city transforming itself for Songkran, Thailand’s huge New Year festival. In many districts this annual celebration has morphed into little more than an almighty water war, with locals and tourists alike attacking each other using buckets, balloons and high-powered water guns. […]

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My 5: Wenchong Bridge – Taishun County, China.

Wenchong Bridge Taishun County Zhejiang province China

1. November 2017. There are said to be around seven hundred covered wooden bridges scattered around Taishun County. But not all of them are as ancient or stunningly beautiful as Xi Dong and Beijian bridges. We were driving from Sixi Town to Xiaochun Village looking for the highly recommended Wenxing Bridge when we stumbled upon […]

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