My Photographs: Top 5 Ningbo, China.

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Gongyuan Road, August 2017. It’s been an amazing month of travel here in China. First came my trip to Fujian Province, with the stunning city of Xiamen and the colonial time warp island of Gulangyu. I also enjoyed a day on the Xin Yang River in deep, rural Zhejiang Province. I hadn’t planned on squeezing in anything else. But then the city of Ningbo, also in Zhejiang, is just two hours from Rui’an, my Chinese home from home. Situated around The Yong River, 5.7 million people reside in this ancient harbour city, home to one of China’s busiest ports. The first thing my travel mate and I stumbled across was this charming shopping street accessed through the stone archway of the drum tower. It’s a strictly pedestrianized experience, so we could just saunter about eyeing market stalls and admiring the low-slung buildings with their gray slate roofs. If you’re ever in town, give the coconut ice cream a try! Continue Reading »