Travel Report: Greenwich Park, London.

Visit Greenwich Park London.

April 2017. There are always more blogs to write up. Always, always, always more blogs. In the process of putting together the eighteen articles from my recent stay in in the English capital, I came across a few unblogged London trips that had somehow escaped me. One of these was a visit to gorgeous Greenwich […]

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Travel Report: Young Vegans Pie Shop – Camden Town, London.

Young Vegans Pie Shop Camden Market London.

May 2019. “Have you ever tried a 100% vegan meal?” Baddi asked as we were wandering through Camden Town. I confirmed that I had not… you know… it’s something that just never quite made its way onto my bucket list. “Would you like to try? I know a pie shop and it’s really good!”. I’m all […]

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Travel Report: Black Gull Bookshop & Bindery – Camden Town, London.

Visit Black Gull Bookshop and bindery Camden Town London.

May 2019. I really enjoyed my recent afternoon in Camden Town, because the place seemed to be on a mission to reconnect me with a few of my lost loves. After a spell leafing through records, music magazines and pop culture memorabilia at Rock ‘n’ Roll Rescue, it was now over to Black Gull Bookshop […]

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Travel Report: Trafalgar Square, London.

Visit Trafalgar Square London.

May 2019. Situated right in the heart of central London, Trafalgar Square is one of the city’s most buzzing public areas. This is where people come to attend protests and rallies, to enjoy street performers and to see world class art at The National Gallery. It’s also home to Nelson’s Column, the four Landseer Lions […]

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Travel Report: The Changing of the Guard, Buckingham Palace.

Visit Buckingham Palace.

Reading from China? This travel report contains a YouTube video, which can only be viewed with a VPN! May 2019. “Oh my god it’s very busy” sighed The Fairy as we arrived at The Mall. Picking our way through the sea of trudging bodies, we inched closer and closer to the mall’s western end towards Buckingham […]

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Travel Report: Crossing Westminster Bridge, London.

Visit Westminster Bridge London.

May 2019. It had been a long, long time since I last felt the fresh River Thames air on my face at Westminster Bridge. In fact, racking my brain, it would have been something like fourteen years ago during a hectic afternoon ferrying Belgian teenagers around Central London. In fact, so stressful had it been […]

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