Travel Report: Regent’s Park, London.

Visit Regent's Park London.

May 2019. It was a grey afternoon in London and the lazy wanderings of the day had taken The Fairy and I to Regent’s Park, one of London’s six royal greens. Dating back to 1649, the park was first used by that old scoundrel Henry the 8th as a spacious hunting ground. It was called […]

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Travel Report: Harrington’s Pie and Mash – Tooting, London.

Harringtons Pie and Mash Tooting Bec London.

April 2017. Whenever I return to London from my foreign adventures I find myself gorging on all those amazing English dishes I’ve so badly missed during my time away. English breakfast, fish & chips, pork pies, Double Deckers, flapjacks, Branston pickle, the list could go on and on. Luckily Tooting Bec has got me covered […]

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Travel Report: Thoughts of the day from Tooting Bec Station, London.

Tooting Bec Station London.

May 2019. Whenever I set off on my days of London exploring the journey invariably starts here at Tooting Bec Station, my local underground stop. Situated on the northern line between Balham and Tooting Broadway, the station was designed by legendary London Underground architect Charles Holden and opened its doors in 1926. The station’s location […]

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Travel Report: Walker Wyatt Coffee – Tooting Bec, London.

Walker Wyatt Coffee Tooting Bec London

May 2019. It was Henry who introduced me to the Walker Wyatt Coffee Shop during my first visit to Tooting Bec back in October 2015. I was immediately hooked, from the perfectly pitched latte and heavenly flapjack to the chatty staff and the way the place emptied after the morning rush, allowing me to kick […]

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Travel Report: Tooting Bec Common, London.

Elmbourne Road Tooting Common London.

May 2019. There’s always something comforting about turning the corner onto Elmbourne Road and catching those first green flushes of Tooting Bec Common. After all, the common represents my London home now, for this is where I come to stay when I return to England’s capital from my latest foreign adventures. Not on the common […]

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Travel Report: Loftus Road, London.

Loftus Road Stadium Shepherd's Bush London

December 2008. I think I was about five or six years old when my dad first took me to see Queens Park Rangers at Loftus Road. We were playing West Ham in a largely uneventful game that finished 0-0. Not the most auspicious start to my QPR journey and yet the place had me completely […]

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Travel Report: Hyde Park, London.

Hyde Park London

September 2015. Every time I come to London I’m always amazed all over again at how green it is. I try to go and visit a different park each year and I’m nowhere near getting through everything. Hyde Park is the city’s obvious biggie at a whopping 145 hectares. Nabbed from The Church by Henry […]

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