Travel Report: The Jumeirah Hotel – Nanjing, China.

The Jumeirah Hotel Nanjing China

October 2018. If you’ve got some serious cash to splash in Nanjing and are having trouble getting rid of it all, why not consider a stay at The Jumeirah Hotel? Located in one of the stunning twin towers of Nanjing International Youth Culture Centre, there are 212 luxurious suites spread out between the 41stand 67th floors. […]

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Travel Report: Nanjing Olympic Museum, China.

The Olympic Museum Nanjing China

Reading from China? This travel report contains a YouTube video, which can only be viewed with a VPN! October 2018. I have to admit that I didn’t know Nanjing even had an Olympic Museum until I walked right into it during our explorations of the city’s Youth Olympic Sports Park. It was opened in 2014 […]

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Travel Report: Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park, China.

Nanjing Youth Culture Olympic Park China

October 2018. It would be easy to come to Nanjing and miss the city’s quiet Olympic district altogether. It doesn’t show up on any must-see lists and there are no major historical sites. But as it happened Jaylin and I were staying in the Expo Center Hotel and had the entire Olympic zone right on […]

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Travel Report: Zifeng Tower – Nanjing, China.

Zifeng Tower Nanjing China

Reading from China? This travel report contains a YouTube video, which can only be viewed with a VPN! October 2018. Wherever I am I the world I often like to squeeze a skyscraper into my city trips. I’m a sucker for a sweeping birdseye panoramic and the resulting photos always look great in my articles […]

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Travel Report: Xiaoling Tomb of the Ming Dynasty – Nanjing, China.

Xiaoling Tomb of The Ming Dynasty Zhongshan National Park Nanjing China

October 2018. A number of Nanjing’s most historical sites can be found within the mountainous grounds of Zhongshan National Park. Having already conquered the three hundred and ninety two step glory of Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum, Jaylin and I set off on a half an hour walk through the park forest to check out another of […]

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Travel Report: Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum – Nanjing, China.

Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum Purple Mountain Nanjing China

October 2018. It’s funny how us westerners know all about Chairman Mao but it when comes to Dr. Sun Yat-Sen most folk have never even heard of him, let alone able to reel off a few facts from his hugely important contribution to Chinese history. Fondly tagged The Father Of The Nation, Sun Yat-Sen was China’s […]

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Travel Report: Nanjing Massacre Memorial, China (Part II).

Wall sculpture Nanjing Massacre Memorial China

October 2018. It felt a bit like coming up for air after a long period trapped underwater as I exited Nanjing Massacre Memorial’s museum interior into Peace Park. The claustrophobic, nightmarish narrative in the darkness of the exhibition halls was now replaced by delicious daylight, open space and a sense of hope. One of the […]

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