Happy 4th Birthday Leighton Literature!

Happy Birthday Leighton Literature travel blogger travel reports travel stories album reviews

It’s Leighton Literature’s 4th Birthday! It’s been four years since I launched Leighton Literature and this last twelve months have definitely been my most transformative as a travel blogger. It was sometime in the summer that I felt like LL had arrived at a sink or swim moment. After so much hard work and only […]

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Happy 3rd Birthday Leighton Literature!

Happy 3rd Birthday Leighton Literature travel reports short stories album reviews

It’s Leighton Literature’s 3rd Birthday! One of the scariest things about getting older is the ever-increasing rapidity of the passing of time. I mean, how can it possibly be three years since I launched Leighton Literature? I was in Beijing at the time, my second stint, and between now and then I’ve been to Korea, Singapore and […]

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Happy 2nd Birthday Leighton Literature!

Happy 2nd Birthday Leighton Literature travel reports, short stories, album reviews.

It’s Leighton Literature’s 2nd Birthday!!! It’s been two years since I launched Leighton Literature one smoggy Beijing morning. Back then I was blessed with an abundance of free time, access to an amazing American-style diner and that incomparable enthusiasm one has towards a new and exciting project. My goals were simple: to share my experiences of a life […]

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Happy 1st Birthday Leighton Literature!

Happy 1st Birthday Leighton Literature travel reports, short stories, album reviews.

It’s Leighton Literature’s 1st birthday!!! Does it feel more than a little egomaniacal to wish my own website a happy birthday? Sure, but fuck it you only live once! I can’t quite believe it was a year ago today that I published my first post. Since then I’ve released thirty-two tales in My Short Stories, published […]

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Ten Thousand!

Dear Readers,  Leighton Literature has received its ten thousandth hit (!) on what is a gorgeous Beijing afternoon, with blue skies, a fresh breeze and sans pollution.  So this is just the briefest of brief posts to thank everyone for their continued support of the site. Whether you’re a regular reader or just popped in for a specific […]

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Welcome to Leighton Literature!

travel blogging hostel Chengdu China

It feels great to finally say it! This website has been in the making for most of 2014, so it was a special moment when at long last I got to hold my breath and click publish. My first short story series, The Qatar Collection, kicks off from Sunday the 2nd of November, with future […]

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