My 5: Harbin Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival, China.

Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival China

1. February 2010. My visit to Harbin’s incredible Ice Festival still stands as a major if not definitive highlight of all my travels around China. Anyone in the market for a trip during February’s Chinese New Year break would struggle to come up with a better plan than checking out this awe-inspiring winter wonderland.

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My 5: Harbin City, China.

Zhongyang Pedestrian Street Harbin China

1. Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, February 2010. I clearly remember my boss’ reaction when I told her I was going to Harbin for Chinese New Year. “Oh, really? You shouldn’t go there, it’s very cold!” Of course I told her all about the city’s stupendous Ice & Snow Sculpture Festival, the atmospheric Jile Temple and grisly […]

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Sub Zero Adventures – a short story from China.

After a prolonged period of stabilization and life-altering romance, I finally bid farewell to Belgium in the summer of 2009. Uninspired by life in grey, uneventful Brussels, my girl and I headed off to China for an unforgettable year of teaching and travelling. Waiting for the hangman’s noose to be tied around our necks was […]

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