My 5: Sittin’ Doin’ Nothin’ – Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Sittin' doin' nothin' Ataulfo Argenta Square Castro Urdiales Spain

1. August 2015. It’s taken me over four years but I’ve finally gotten round to posting my first Sittin’ doin’ nothin’ My 5! In the summer of 2015 I headed to the coastal town of Castro Urdiales in northern Spain for the latest in a long line of English teaching contracts. That summer schedule was supposed […]

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My 5: Cool Spots Around Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Port of Castro Urdiales Spain

1. Castro Urdiales Port, August 2015. Welcome to one of the most picture perfect coastal towns you could ever hope to visit. With its mediaeval church and castle, pretty beach and arcaded squares, the joy of Castro Urdiales is simply to wander about on foot marveling at its prettiness. Start here at the port with […]

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My 5: Hiking to The Virgin Mary Statue – Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Hiking To The Virgin Mary Statue Castro Urdiales Spain

1. August 2015. One of the coolest things I did during my month-long stay in Castro Urdiales was the thirty-minute hike from town up into the hills to see The Virgin Mary Statue. If my boss hadn’t taken me I would never even have known about it, as it certainly wasn’t mentioned online or in […]

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My 5: Santa Maria Church – Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Santa Maria Church Castro Urdiales Spain

1. August 2015. The tiny coastal town of Castro Urdiales is an ideal day trip for those based in Bilbao, Santander and Pamplona. Its modest collection of sites can be tackled on foot in just a few hours, leaving plenty of time for sunbathing on Brazomar Beach and tapas down by the port. Wherever you […]

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My 5: Brazomar Beach – Castro Urdiales, Spain.

Brazomar Beach from Cotolino Park Castro Urdiales Spain

1. August 2015. The quaint coastal town of Castro Urdiales is a tiny place and at 400 meters long its main beach, Playa de Brazomar, serves very much as its focal point. This shot was taken from the hilltop Cotolino Park, which can be accessed at Brazomar’s western end. 2. August 2015. As idyllic a […]

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My 5: Pamplona Cathedral, Spain.

Pamplona Cathedral Calle de la Curia Pamplona Navarre Province

1. September 2015. It was mid-afternoon in Pamplona during siesta time as I made my way down the deserted Calle de la Curia for a truly picture perfect approach to the neoclassical façade of Pamplona Cathedral. All the shops were shuttered up, there were no people blocking my view and not so much as a […]

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My 5: Café Iruña – Pamplona, Spain.

Cafe Iruna Plaza del Castillo Pamplona Spain

1. September 2015. For fans of the iconic American novelist Ernest Hemingway, there is perhaps no greater tribute to the great man than a visit to the Spanish city of Pamplona. An exceptionally well-travelled man, Hemingway fell head over heels for Pamplona and would return here again and again throughout his troubled life to watch […]

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