My 5: Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Hanoi.


1. Vietnamese Women’s Museum, April 2018. Hanoi boasts a wonderful collection of museums, so many in fact that this modern building in the old quarter’s Ly Thuong Kiet Street often gets overlooked. Run by The Women’s Union of Vietnam, the museum showcases the many roles of women in Vietnamese society and culture.  

2. Vietnamese Women’s Museum, April 2018. Check out the free photo exhibition in the outer courtyard, which features some amazing shots of women all around the country celebrating the end of The Vietnam War. To get your ticket for the museum itself, head into this large reception area. There are free lockers to store bags and valuables.

3. Vietnamese Women’s Museum, April 2018. The museum’s exhibitions are spread out across three floors, detailing women’s roles in family, history and fashion. Information comes in English and French.

4. Vietnamese Women’s Museum, April 2018. By far the most interesting part of the experience was reading about the individual stories from some of Vietnam’s most heroic ladies. There’s even a little wall of fame and video in tribute to those who made huge sacrifices during Vietnam’s long fight for independence.

5. Vietnamese Women’s Museum, April 2018. There are also some excellent propaganda prints on display! The museum is open daily (except Mondays) from 08:00-16:30. Entrance tickets are priced at 30.000 VND (£0.95/€1.10/$1.30).

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