My 5: Cool Spots Around Washington DC.

Meridian Hill Park Malcolm X Park Washington DC

1. May 2007. Washington DC is a pleasingly green experience, with a bunch of beautiful parks and gardens scattered around town. Some say there are few cities in the US to rival DC on this front, thanks to stunning green spaces like Rock Green Park (featuring the civil war era Fort Stevens), The U.S. Arboretum, (boasting […]

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My 5: Nationals Park Baseball Stadium, Washington DC.

Nationals Park Baseball Stadium Navy Yard Washington DC

Reading from China? This My 5 contains a YouTube video, which can only be viewed with a VPN! 1. May 2009. If truth be told some of these My 5s are really tricky to put together. Take an old visit to a baseball match for example, a sport I know virtually nothing about, which took […]

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My 5: Arlington National Cemetery, Washington D.C.

Arlington National Cemetery Virginia USA

1. May 2009. Known to many red-blooded American patriots as “The United States’ most hallowed ground”, Arlington National Cemetery is the country’s most historical and dramatic graveyard, home to over four hundred thousand people. Spread out across a whopping 624 acres, you could easily spend 60-90 minutes here reading the various headstones as you make […]

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My 5: Monuments By Moonlight Trolley Tour, Washington DC.

Union Station Washington DC

1. May 2007. A friend of mine who’s planning to visit Washington DC this November asked me what my top recommendation was. Wow I thought, that’s a pretty tough one, especially as I didn’t want to go for something glaringly obvious like The White House or one of the main museums. It was this that got […]

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My 5: The Exorcist House & Steps, Washington DC.

Prospect Street Georgetown Washington DC

Reading from China? This My 5 contains YouTube videos, which can only be viewed with a VPN! 1. May 2007. I’ve always loved the idea of putting together a grand travel schedule that sees me lolloping around the world picking off my favorite movie locations. It’s virtually impossible of course, with a crazy budget needed […]

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My 5: The White House, Washington, D.C.

The White House North Lawn Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC

1. May 2007. I’ll never forget the intense anticipation of my walk to The White House one sunny May morning eleven and a half years ago. I was young, excited and in the midst of my first trip across the U.S. as an independent adult. I was on my way to see America’s most famous […]

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