My 5: Coloane Village, Macau.

Coloane Village Macau China

1. February 2018. It’s almost criminal to think that thousands of people come to Macau and see out the entirety of their visits in the neon bubble of Taipa Island’s towering hotel-casinos. Sure, Macau is world famous as a gambling mecca and shopper’s paradise, but it also boasts some gorgeous rural scenery. Most unforgivable of […]

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My 5: St. Lawrence’s Church, Macau.

St. Lawrence's Church Macau China

1. February 2018. I don’t think Wonderboy and I managed to see ALL the churches in Macau, but we must have gotten close. This one, towering above Rua de São Lourenço, is one of the peninsula’s oldest structures dating back to the mid sixteenth century.

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My 5: Macau Tower, China.

Macau Tower China

1. February 2018. For unparalleled three hundred and sixty degree views across Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island and Hong Kong, head over to Macau Tower, a cloud-piercing 338-meter needle created by Moller Architects.

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My 5: Guia Hill, Macau.

Guia Hill Macau

1. February 2018. While a visit to Monte Fort is a must for anyone touring Macau, you’ll almost certainly be more charmed by the comparatively peaceful experience of Guia Hill in the peninsula’s central east region. An undemanding, winding stone path takes you from street level up to the top in under fifteen minutes.

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My 5: St. Dominic’s Church, Macau.

St. Dominic's Church Macau China

1. February 2018. Located right in the heart of Macau’s bustling Senado Square, this 16th century baroque church is one of the peninsula’s biggest hitters, with a steady flow of visitors swarming in and out throughout the day.

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My 5: Nam Peng Cafe, Macau.

Nam Peng Cafe Macau

1. February 2018. This legendary breakfast spot is an absolute must for anyone wanting to tap into an old school Macau dining experience. Located in a rough and ready back alley (85 R. de Cinco Outubro) a five-minute walk from The Ruins of St. Paul’s, this is the place to come for a delicious, no-nonsense […]

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My 5: St. Michael’s Chapel & Cemetery, Macau.

St. Michaels chapel and cemetery macau china

1. February 2018. “Mate, check out that green church!” exclaimed Wonderboy. We were stood at the top of Guia Hill just across from the lighthouse, peering out over the beautiful landscape of Macau Peninsula. Even with all the amazing skyscrapers on offer, it was this little chapel that stood out from the crowd with its […]

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