Travel Report: Half Moon Bay – Cangnan County, China.

Half Moon Bay Wucheng Village Cangnan County China

November 2018. After the success of my day trip to the isolated Fudewan Ancient Village in October, it was just under a month later that I headed back to Cangnan County for another hidden gem of southeastern China. Picking me up from Cangnan’s train station… just as she had the first time… my guide Jamie […]

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Travel Report: Lishui Adventure Island Water World – Zhejiang Province, China.

Lishui Adventure Island Water World Zhejiang Province China

September 2018. Here in southern China the school I work at usually organizes one or two teambuilding events every year. These little day trips are great because they always get me out to some choice spots across the region that I didn’t even know about it. The ‘little’ city of Lishui (population two and a […]

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Travel Report: Jinhua Architecture Park Part I – Jinhua, China.

Jinhua Architecture Park Zhejiang province China

August 2018. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a city park quite like Jinhua Architecture Park! Fittingly, the story of its creation and eventual abandonment is a story to raise even the most lethargic of eyebrows. With its charming location along a two-kilometer stretch of The Yiwu River, the park was the brainchild of the […]

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Travel Report: Camellia Culture Park – Jinhua, China.

Jinhua Camellia Culture Park.

August 2018. I was walking to the city centre on my way back from Jinhua Ham Museum when I happened upon this landscaped park. I was about to hail a taxi to my hotel but figured what the heck and decided to nip in, get some shots and add another travel report to my Jinhua […]

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Travel Report: Nanpuxi Reservoir – Taishun County, China.

Nanpuxi Reservoir Taishun County Zhejiang province China

November 2017. “Wow!” I exclaimed suddenly, as our little smart car turned a corner onto a narrow stone bridge. We’d been driving through the heart of Taishun County on the way to Nanpuxi Scenic Park when this majestic reservoir came into view. Needless to say we got out to have a look!

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Travel Report: The Shangri-La Hotel – Hangzhou, China.

The Shangri La Hotel Hangzhou China

October 2017. Captain Wonderboy and I had just finished tackling the unbridled chaos of West Lake’s Su Causeway and were in desperate need of a well-deserved time out. “Check out that fancy hotel!” I exclaimed. So we did, crossing the insanely busy road and walking up the driveway of the opulent Shangri-La Hotel. We’d been […]

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Travel Report: Su Causeway – Hangzhou, China.

Su Causeway West Lake Hangzhou China

October 2017. This 2.6 km walkway through West Lake was constructed in 1086 by the famous poet and Hangzhou governor Su Shi. It was a time of great poverty and drought, so Su ordered the dredging of the lake and used the resulting mud to build a new causeway. Later on six bridges were added […]

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