Leighton Literature’s Travel Guide to Vietnam.

Leighton Thomas travel blogger voice over editor English teacher

28 days, 13 locations, god knows how many sub-locations (I can’t be bothered to count), 80 articles. Interested in traveling Vietnam? Click below: https://leightonliterature.com/vietnam/    

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My 5: Vinh Trang Pagoda – The Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Laughing buddha Vinh Trang Pagoda The Mekong Delta

1. May 2018. It was late afternoon and after a full day’s tour of The Mekong Delta our little minivan had begun rumbling its way back to the bright lights of Ho Chi Minh. We were all exhausted… unsurprisingly so. After all, we’d cruised down The Mekong River, cycled our way through Non Thanh Village […]

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My 5: Nhon Thanh Village – The Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Nhon Thanh Village The Mekong Delta

1. May 2018. It had been quite the action-packed morning in The Mekong Delta. We’d cruised a gorgeous stretch of the iconic river, toured a remote brickmaking village and munched on candy and fruit at a riverside coconut workshop. Next up was some cycling around the country roads and jungle lanes of Nhon Thanh Village. […]

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My 5: Mekong Delta River Cruise, Vietnam.

Mekong Delta River cruise Deluxe Group Tours

1. May 2018. If you’re in Ho Chi Minh, or indeed anywhere in the south of Vietnam, you’re almost certainly thinking about a visit to the country’s iconic Mekong Delta region, an intricate maze of rivers and swamps encompassed by rice paddies and dense jungle. For many a river cruise here is one of Vietnam’s major highlights […]

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My 5: Saigon Central Post Office – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Exterior Central Post Office Ho Chi Minh

1. May 2018. For a genuinely fascinating slice of Ho Chi Minh history that isn’t steeped in turmoil, war and killing, don’t miss the city’s beautifully preserved Central Post Office, a French colonial building that today stands proud as one of the oldest structures in the city. It was built over a five-year period from […]

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My 5: Ben Thanh Market – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Ben Thanh Market Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

1. May 2018. They say Ben Thanh Market is not only the most famous shopping area in Ho Chi Minh, but also probably the most impressive covered market in all of Vietnam. Dating back to the 17thcentury this is the city’s definitive daily life focal point, with just about everything locals eat, wear and use […]

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My 5: Lotus Boutique Hotel – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Lobby Lotus Boutique Hotel Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

1. May 2018. I was down to the last three nights of my month-long adventure in Vietnam and after my awful experience at Phuong Van Hotel I decided to treat myself a little. I knew I’d done the right thing as soon as I strolled into Lotus Boutique’s chic lobby and the doorman relieved me […]

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