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Getting Leighton Literature off the ground has been a long, challenging but thankfully rewarding process. Putting together the stories themselves has felt a bit like writing my memoirs, as I work my way through the key periods, events and characters of my life. Celebrating the highs, accepting and confronting the lows. I really couldn’t have done it had it not been for a whole host of amazing people.  So thank you to…

My father David, mother Beverley, sister Natalie, brother Cory and ex-wife Silvie who’ve always been incredibly supportive of my writing.


Sarah Ozanne, the most inspirational teacher I ever had.


Jessie Wang, who first coined the term Leighton Literature.


Anthony Ragucci, who custom designed the Leighton Literature logos.


Last, but definitely not least are the people whose kind words over the years helped convince me this writing lark is something I should persist with.

So thank you Bill & Mary Phillips, Michael Scott, Emma Dawson, Jon Crisp, Sine Himmelstrup, Derek Amos, Hille & Kees van Steensel, Bertine Klapwijk, Niels Donkers, Manou Cardon, Laura Oplaat, Martina Stolarikova, the late Caroline Henderson, Hilary Phelan, Heike & Aminah, Minty Lin, Pierre Vinck, Leonie Groen, Chris Simpson, Kevin Ainslie, Jimmy van der Voss, Dennis van Engelenburg.


If I’ve missed anyone out please accept my humblest apologies and feel free to bombard my website with bitter, hateful comments. I probably deserve it.

For the rest, I offer you  a small gift as a token of my appreciation. A wonderful little song called ‘Thank You’ by Led Zeppelin.

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