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I was pretty tired at the end of my four-week adventure in Vietnam. I’d been all over the country and, bar just a few beach days on Cham Island, had hardly come up for a moment’s breath. With just a few days left in Ho Chi Minh before my flight back to China, I was feeling far too comfortable in my plush hotel room. Taking one last glance at my itinerary I couldn’t help but think: Can I really be assed with The Mekong Delta? I just wanted to sleep, enjoy the cable TV, get some room service dinner and perhaps, if I was feeling really bold, venture up to the rooftop pool.

But then the next morning I snapped out of it in a sudden moment of clarity: Wait, I probably won’t be coming back to Vietnam! It’s the fucking Mekong Delta! Lush green jungle-clad landscapes! Labyrinthine muddy brown waters! The rice bowl of Vietnam, the ghosts of the war, the spirit of Brando, Sheen, Fishburne, Hopper and Duvall!  I had to go, right?

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So I got my shit together and booked a day-long cruise that took in a number of key spots, a traditional village lunch and some cycling in the countryside. To find out more take a look at my pieces on:

Mekong Delta River Cruise

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Nhon Thanh Village

Vinh Trang Pagoda

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