The Slovak Files.

In the summer of 2002 I was kicking my heels back in England after finishing up a one year teaching contract in Qatar. I was still very much in the process of cutting my teeth as an English teacher and keen to embark on another adventure abroad with a new teaching job. Doha had been such a leftfield destination for my first taste of life in another country. But despite the challenges I’d really enjoyed it and felt a similarly offbeat choice somewhere in Europe could be an interesting move for my fledgling career in education. When I eventually boarded my plane to Bratislava a few months later, I had barely a clue as to what kind of city awaited me. Now, a solid sixteen years later, I look back on my time in Slovakia as one of the best years of my life.
To find out why, have a read through my short story series The Slovak Files, twelve narratives from my time in Bratislava and my action-packed trips around the country.
Up on the Hill
The Welcome Party 
Blood in the Lobby 
Bring Your Own Bog Roll
Road Trip Part I 
Road Trip Part II
The Last King Of Štúrovo
Party Hearty 
Me Fish Be Dead
Minx Manor
The Slovak Files
The Slovak Files is dedicated to Jon Crisp: best man, avid reader, enthusiastic co-director, dependable butler, champion of the bacon corn dog and all round partner in crime. I’ll never forget those Slovak days, nor indeed our subsequent reunions across the globe.Slovakiasmaller

2 thoughts on “The Slovak Files.

    • Hey Nutmeg, just standard filtering, light adjustment, cropping and retouching in iPhoto. The original (scanned, non digital photos) were in such a state they now look like works of art in comparison! Hope you enjoy re-reading the stories.


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